SUP 2021 - Life after disposable plastics

SUP 2021 - Life after disposable plastics

29 April 2021, 14:00–17:30 

English and Hungarian with interpretation

Expert dialogue on the methods for discontinuation and the alternatives

The provisions of the 2019/904/EU directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment have to be incorporated in the national regulations and enforced in each member state by 3 July 2021. In order to reduce the impact, the directive lays down the conditions for the distribution and waste management of single-use products and products made partly or wholly from plastic.

Thus after the above date, the directive forbids the distribution of oxo-degradable plastics, single-use plastic straws, cutlery and plates and polystyrene tableware.

Starting from 2025, plastic beverage packaging can only be put into circulation if the cap is attached to the bottle; and as of 2030, 3-litre or smaller bottles will have to be made of at least 30% recycled plastic (regarding PET plastic bottles the minimum will be 25% starting from 2025). It has to be ensured that 77% of all the plastic beverage packaging is collected separately, which will have to increase to 90% by 2029.

Systems of extended producer responsibility shall be developed to collect and manage single-use plastic beverage bottles, cups, food containers, ready-meal packaging with flexible sides, light plastic bags, wet towels and balloons; and from 2023, tobacco products containing filters will be added to the list.

In addition to that, awareness-raising measures shall be implemented and labels shall be used to inform the consumers about the material composition of the product, the alternative products, the applicable waste collection and depositing possibilities, and the impacts of littering.

In the spirit of promoting adequate preparations for the implementation, the HAAE organises a conference – sponsored by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology – with the goal to provide a detailed presentation on the requirements of the directive. It will present and discuss the expected results of the implementation as well as the producers’ and sellers’ duties, possibilities and plans regarding the implementation. The conference will provide an opportunity to learn about the practices and plans of legislators, producers, merchants, waste collecting and treating agents and about the alternative possibilities and the improvements regarding products and packaging. With the help of the presenters, we will be seeking answers to questions that can make the preparation easier before the regulation is implemented, including identifying the tools the government will use to help the involved parties during the change, and the government’s current plans for the times when the prohibition is already in force.

One of the priority issues requiring answers concerns the catering sector, which is in deep crises: how can the businesses offering take-away services handle the situation? The presenters will possibly also address problems such as how alternative products can fit into the model of circular economy and how their collection and treatment will differ from those of single-use items.

The event is sponsored by the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

The programme will be in English.



Moderator: Zoltán Toronyi CEO, Kexport Klaszter Kft., expert on plastic waste


13.50 – 14.00   Entry, technical setup, double-checking presentation materials  
14.00 – 14.10 steinterattila Welcome Speech Steiner Attila State Secretary for the Development of the Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy, Ministry of Innovation and Technology
14.10 – 14.35 Hizó Ferenc

The Requirements of the Directive on Single-Use Plastics – Possible state measures for the implementation (extended product responsibility systems, take-back obligation, registry and data provision, control)

Ferenc Hizó, Deputy State Secretary, development of circular economy, energy and climate policy, Ministry for Innovation and Technology
14.35 – 14.55  Biczo Imre Strategy for the Plastics Industry – Without SUP Imre Biczó, representing the Scientific Plastics Cluster
14.55 – 15.15  Zenisek Andrea Green Marketing – The Recommendations of the Hungarian Competition Authority on Written Messages Targeting Consumers on Products After Discontinuing SUP Dr. Andrea Zenisek Head of the Consumer Protection Unit
15.15 – 15.35  Chaim  Waibe Will single-use plastics be missed in the recycling industry? Mr. Chaim Waibel advocacy advisor, Plastics Recyclers Europe
15.35 – 15.50   Questions  
15.50 – 16.10  Kovacs Laszlo Case management in the catering sector after SUP László Kovács President of the Hungarian Catering Industry Association
16.10 – 16.30  Bankuti Edit Alternative Product Variants Edit Bánkuti, Managing Director, CSOM 2001 Kft.
16.30 – 16.50  tabi Facts and Misconceptions on biopolymers Dr. Tamás Tábi, Polymertechnics Department, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
16.50 – 17.05  soma 2 Next generation compostable cutlery

Soma Rédey Vilhemp, co-founder, Plastic Surgery Start-up

17.05 – 17.25  Jenei Csaba Industrial Composting: Are We Equipped to Manage Degradable Packaging? Csaba Jenei, project manager, Profikomp Zrt.
17.25 – 17.40   Questions  
17.40 – 17.45   Closing speech, summary  


The event is sponsored by the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

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