ÖKOINDUSTRIA is organised and hosted by the Association of Environmental Enterprises (KSZGYSZ).

The Association has been coordinating and representing companies, business associations, institutions and NGOs in the environmental industry for 28 years.

One of our major internationally recognized initiatives since 2009 is the organization of ÖKOINDUSTRIA Green Expo, the largest biennial event in the industry in Hungary.

Gergely Hankó

exhibition director

Phone: +36203836242
ugyvezeto [AT] kszgysz [DOT] hu

Csaba Markó

programme director

Phone: +36305371003
marko [DOT] csaba [AT] kszgysz [DOT] hu

Zoltán Toronyi

sales manager

Phone: +36 30 9235772
toronyi [DOT] zoltan [AT] kexport [DOT] eu

Anna Istenes

event management, international relations

Phone: +36 30 867 8185
istenes [DOT] anna [AT] kexport [DOT] eu

Piroska Bedő Károlyné

press and media relations

Phone: +36 30 304 9114
bedo [DOT] karolyne [AT] kszgysz [DOT] hu

András Pál

IT, online registration

Phone: +36 1 350 7271
pal [DOT] andras [AT] kszgysz [DOT] hu

Julianna Abdelli

project assistant

Phone: +361 350-7271, 350 7274
abdelli [DOT] julianna [AT] kszgysz [DOT] hu

Tamás Freyberger

back-office assistant

Phone: +36 1 350 7271, 350 7274
freyberger [DOT] tamas [AT] kszgysz [DOT] hu

Anna Kopcsándy

green jobs, member relations

Phone: +36 1 350 7271, 350 7274
kopcsandy [DOT] anna [AT] kszgysz [DOT] hu

Robert Balázs

DACH Representative, Project Consulting

Mobil: +49 173 246 3099
E-Mail: rbalazs [AT] gmx [DOT] de

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