Foreword Remarks of H.E. Dr. László Szabó, Deputy Minister, Main Patron

Dear ÖKOINDUSTRIA Exhibitors and Visitors,

It is a pleasure to welcome the representatives of the future industry to the ÖKOINDUSTRIA International Environmental Industry, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Exhibition.
Szabo Laszlo2
Organised already for the fourth time, this exhibition has become the largest environmental industry exhibition of Hungary. Furthermore, this event aims at highlighting that environmental protection remains a priority issue in Hungary.
The environmental industry has increasingly become an engine of sustainable economic growth for the entire world. Innovative environmental solutions stimulate the expansion of energy-, material-, and water-efficient production and consumption. The solutions provided by this industry also play an important role in decreasing green-house-gas emissions and the concentration of other dangerous substances in the atmosphere and in our closer environment.
It is of great importance that this rapidly developing industry can display its achievements at this international exhibition. I am grateful to KSZGYSZ, the Association of Environmental Enterprises, for hosting this important event. The innovative products and processes displayed represent technologies of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, waste management, eco-architecture, and biotechnology along with traditional protection (water, air, climate, soil, noise, and vibration protection) and control technologies.
Some may believe that today professional exhibitions cannot compete with Internet, offering boundless information or networking opportunities but I am convinced that personal encounters, product displays, trust-building between partners, maintaining business or personal relationships are all highly important for efficient and successful business ventures. As an international exhibition, ÖKOINDUSTRIA provides an ideal venue for all these.
However, offering a meeting-place for partners is just one of the objectives of this exhibition. It is also important to introduce the achievements and innovative solutions of the environmental industry to a wider audience of professionals and laypersons alike. Outlining a road towards a green economy and a green lifestyle is another purpose of the event. Thus, ÖKOINDUSTRIA plays a part in achieving the long-term objectives of the Government through enhancing the integration of the economies of Central Europe, strengthening international economic relations, and increasing the national and international market access of small and medium sized enterprises.
Moreover, the event plays an important role in the field of investment promotion as well by providing information about domestic supply and opportunities in the environmental sector to potential investors. Multiple side-events are also taking place at the time of the exhibition, which promote products and services of the Hungarian environmental industry and strengthen the ties required for increased external market access. Some of these events are, for example, the meeting of the Enterprise Europe Network or the National Conference on Eco-Innovation organized by the Ministry of Agriculture. Also, the meeting of the V4 Environmental Protection Export Platform and the meeting of international businessmen organized by KSZGYSZ and the KEXPORT Cluster both help to enhance environmental partnerships. ÖKOINDUSTRIA also provides a venue for the meeting of the Hungarian section of ISWA and for the interested parties to familiarize themselves with environmental rehabilitation and restoration, water and waste water management, or current issues of civil societies in the field of environmental protection.
I sincerely hope that all of ÖKOINDUSTRIA’s exhibitors and visitors will have productive consultations and make the most of the networking opportunities.

Dr. László Szabó
Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade