Wetskills Water Challenges

Wetskills Water Challenges

April 30 14.00-15.40


in English

Workshop Inspiring Wetskills Practices on Liveable Rivers for a Green Economy, stimulating an Intergenerational Dialogue.

This interactive workshop will discuss the stimulation and creation an intergenerational dialogue to bring diversity on the table. This diversity is essential for co-creation of new ideas to bring the water sector further.


As Keynote speaker Ap Verheggen will explain the SunGlacier project. Last ten years he started as Climate Artist with the idea to make a glacier in the desert. Since then, he and his team developed groundbreaking innovations to abstract Clean Water from the air. Last months the SunGlacier project (with an installation of a small size fridge) proved to abstract 30 liters from the air per day! For the WorldExpo in Dubai, Ap and his team is building an Installation abstracting hundreds of liters/day.

Wetskills Foundation, Hungarian Water Association, Young Water Professionals of Hungarian Water Association and The Blue Planet Foundation and some of their Alumni will present and discuss some inspiring out-of-the-box ideas with focus on Liveable rivers in a Green Economy. International representatives of the teams that co-created these ideas will present these in a two-minutes pitch. Also team IWI as winning team of Blue Planet’s Aquathon, last year will pitch its result. Recognized experts in the field of Water and sustainability from Europe will reflect on the ideas and the importance of intergenerational dialogue. At the end the Wetskills Alumni participants provide their experiences on co-creation working together across generations.

From 23 August to 3 September 2021 Wetskills and partners are planning to organize a ‘live and corona-adaptive’ Wetskills Challenge in Budapest. Talents from Hungary, Europa and beyond will come over to Hungary for a two-week programme. This will be the second Wetskills event in Hungary after 2019. Last ten years Wetskills Foundation organized 47 two-week Wetskills Challenge events (pressure-cooker program for young talents (student & Young Professionals) with a passion for water, climate and sustainability) in 23 different countries worldwide. Diverse and inclusive teams of young international talents (more than 900 Alumni) with different backgrounds co-created inspiring out-of-the-box ideas for more than 200 cases on a water, climate and sustainability, contributing to the SDGs and thus a better world.

For more information: www.wetskills.com, @Wetskills (Twitter, Instagram, Linedin and Facebook) or [email protected].




Eszter Nagy
Johan Oost

Start workshop

Eszter Nagy, PhD Candidate Budapest University of Technology and Economics &

Johan Oost, – Managing Director Wetskills Foundation, Director Water Footprint Implementation (moderators)



Word of Welcome

We Value Water initiative

Efstathios Andreou, Deputy Head of Mission


Laura Varga

Introduction to Young Water Professionals of Hungarian Water Association

Laura Varga, PhD Candidate Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Chair of board Young Water Professionals of Hungarian Water Association, Wetskills Team


Szilvia Meszaros

Introduction to The Blue Planet Foundation and the focus on Young Professionals

Szilvia Mészáros, The Blue Planet Foundation


Marcel Rompelman

Introduction to Wetskills

The cooperation in Central Eastern Europe

Marcel Rompelman, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, Wetskills Team




Impact and Added Value of Wetskills


Ap Verheggen


SunGlacier, Clean Water from the Air – A Story from Art to Groundbreaking Innovation

Role of bringing diverse (and also young) minds to the table

Q & A

Ap Verheggen, Climate Artist, Founder of the SunGlacier initiative, Wetskills Ambassador



Pitches of previous Wetskills events

* Attention, Attention, Water retention (Wetskills-Hungary 2019) by Vivien Füstös (BME)

* Keeping Buzau River clean from plastic (Wetskills-Romania 2019) by Sjoerd van der Meulen (Arnhem-Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences)



csornyei geza

Short introduction

Reflection of pitches

Role of Intergenerational Dialogue

Géza Csörnyei, Director of Operations at Budapest Waterworks



Pitches of previous Wetskills events

* Virtual Water Flow between Romania and Hungary (CaseBooster programme) by Luc Albers (Water Footprint Implementation) and Bianca Schinteie (Polithnica University of Timisoara)

* Flushing fish (Wetskills-The Netherlands 2017) by Thijs Lieverse (University of Twente)



Diana Robescu

Short introduction

Reflection of pitches

Role of Intergenerational Dialogue

Prof. Diana Robescu, Dean of faculty Politehnica University of Bucharest



Pitches of previous Wetskills events and Blue Planet’s Aquathon

* IWI (winning team of Blue Planet’s Aquathon) by Donát Posta, György Fekets, Máté Guthy, Kinga Popovics (all Budapest University of Technology and Economics

*Water Education and Training for Hungary (Wetskills-Hungary 2019) by Eszter Nagy (BME)




Short introduction

Reflection of pitches

Role of Intergenerational Dialogue

Andrea Káli, Chairwoman of Value of water working group HWA


Panel discussion about Co-creation for Liveable Rivers and fostering Intergenerational Dialogue




Experts: Diana Robescu, Geza and Andrea Kali

Young Professionals: Bianca, Kinga, Vivien, Thijs and Sjoerd







End of programme


Movie Wetskills: https://youtu.be/z2gf2e3V3NE

Wetskills Hungary Partners

Wetskills Hungary partners

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